About Us

About Us

Established in 2003, and owned by Visabeira Global, Constructel is active in the telecommunications and energy sectors, with extensive know-how in designing, implementing and building network infrastructures.

Constructel’s multiple integrated skills and wide range of "turnkey" solutions make this a reference company in its field, and a favorite partner in project development.

At present, Constructel is a leading company in the telecommunications network engineering sector in France, and is present in Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, Russia and in the Caribbean.


Activity Areas
Project Coordination

Definition of Organization and Procedure Projects
Definition of the Internal Communication Plans and the Customer Communications Plan

Resources & Teams

Coordination of resources to be allocated to projects
Work group planning (according to the Project Coordinator)

Design & Calculations

Static reports
Static analysis of steel structures, and detailed design of steel parts for manufacturing

Civil Engineering

Website design
Design of concepts and solutions

Telecommunication Engineering

Radio projects and on-site solutions
Design analyses focusing on radio planning
Design analyses focusing on radio planning and broadcasting solutions


Steel structure design, with a focus on steel detail drawings and list of materials
Design Resource Team
Outsourcing support for structure design and steel design


Preparation of reports, and submission of all necessary documentation for the project
Submission of final documentation

Activity Areas

DIN EN 1990 EC0 Grundlagen der Tragwerksplanung

DIN EN 1991 EC1 Einwirkungen auf Traweke

DIN EN 1992 EC2 Stahlbetonbauten, Bemessung und Konstruktion

DIN EN 1993 EC3 Stahlbauten, Bemessung und Konstruktion

DIN EN 1994 EC4 Stahl-Beton-Venrdunbau, Bemessung und Konstruktion

DIN EN 1993 EC5 Holzbau, Bemessung und Konstruktion

DIN EN 1993 EC6 Mauerwerksbau, Bemessung und Konstruktion

DIN EN 1993 EC7 Geotechnik, Bemessung un Konstruktion

DIN EN 1993 EC8 Erdbeden, Auslegung von Bauwerken

DIN EN 1993 EC9 Aluminiumkonstrukti on, Bemessung und Konstruktion

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